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Slade, Status Quo, Lindisfarne and Caravan 1973

Status Quo 1973

This was Status Quo’s first trek to Australia and New Zealand. It would become a regular trip during the 1970s but on this, their first tour, Quo played as support band to the UK glam rockers ‘Slade’. Quo would return to Australia within the year. The support act was Blackfeather.

Jands sound system was put to the test by Slade’s operator who took one look at the mixer and said “I don’t use the meters (or any of the other controls) just push all the faders to the top“. After the first show the DBX160 limiters were moved from the mix position to backstage and set to protect the speaker system!

All photos © Jands Pty Limited. Click to enlarge

Tour Dates 1973

27 January – Auckland, (NZ) Hamilton Racecourse
28 January – Sydney, Randwick Racecourse
29 January – Brisbane, Lang Park Oval
31 January – Perth, Subiaco Oval
3 February – Adelaide, Wayville Showgrounds
4 February – Melbourne, Showgrounds


29 responses to “Slade, Status Quo, Lindisfarne and Caravan 1973”

  1. phil bowden says:

    My first concert:))

  2. janet j says:

    my first too!

  3. Philip Letchford says:

    The Subiaco concert was my first and best aged 14,very loud-they had a sound-shell behind the stage facing the main stand and my hearing took days to get better.The concert was far better to me than the Rolling Stones a month later at the WACA,one of the reasons for this was the volume was turned down for the Stones because of complaints after the Slade concert even though the Stones concert was in daytime

  4. Ian Hutch says:

    This was my first concert as well [Randwick] There was suppose to be about 8 bands on but because of the rain they cut it down to just Blackfeather being the only locals…does anyone remember what the full line up of bands was originally?

  5. steve says:

    Wouldn’t be surprised if Greg Quill and Country Radio were sheduled – they were supports at just about every concert i went to.

  6. Vikki says:

    Thank you for posting this. I was only 13 when Slade came to Sydney and they were my favourite band. Being so young my Mum wouldn’t let me go to the concert. I was really upset I missed out. Slade really rocked back in those days. Now I can see what I missed out on. lol Thanx again.

  7. Debra says:

    This was one of my first concerts too…jumped the fence at Wayville Showground, so gratifying:)

  8. marian says:

    my first concert, i got squashed at the entrance gate, my friends grabbed my arm and dragged me in. there was the 3 of us (girls). The support band was Black feather a favourite local band. It rained a lot but we danced our socks off. i remember wearing a coloured singlet over a white shirt and the colour ran into my shirt because we got so wet. it must have been dangerous on the stage. such a great day.

  9. david says:

    are these pics melbourne showgrounds

  10. DavidM says:

    We’re pretty sure these photos are from the Brisbane concert. 4IP was a Brisbane radio station and you can see one of their banners at the back of the stage.

  11. Simon says:

    Can you list all the bands who played at the Melbourne show? Slade, Quo and Lindisfarne are as far as my memory takes me. A great day, but very wet!

  12. DavidM says:

    The full lineup was: Slade, Lindisfarne, Status Quo and Caravan. In Melbourne the support acts were Country Radio and Buffalo

    The Milesago website includes this information:
    In Melbourne, the outdoor concert was marred by heavy rain, which began at midday and continued until evening, despite the fact that Melbourne was in the grip of a a drought at the time. Because of this, the order of performance was changed with Caravan appearing first, then Lindisfarne, then Slade and finally Status Quo. Normally Slade, the headliners, would have appeared last, but they were moved forward in the bill because of the rain.

  13. Steve says:

    Yes this was the Brisbane concert, it was hot and loud. Status Quo was not as polished as an act on stage as Slade was, I think the temperature got to them, the afternoon sun was a bit of a killer to those on stage.

  14. Phil says:

    Quo sadly missed the Adelaide date due to a band member injuring his hand. Not sure what the background was but there appears to be a picture of said hand on the inside sleeve of “On The Level”

  15. Phil says:

    Yes, I was at the Adelaide concert and Status Quo did not play because of the hand injury. Slade were unbelievable and Lindisfarne rocked. Still love their music now.

  16. Micky P says:

    Simon…I have a recollection of Ted Mulry (TMG) also playing @ Melbourne gig.

  17. Trevor says:

    I was there in melbourne it rained for seven hours , I was sixteen and cheesecloth tops where the fashion. Apart from the music which was great

  18. Richi Whitten says:

    The 40 second b&w film clip is Sydney show at Randwick racecourse. Sound is from Slade alive album. Pretty sure Caravan as support was a Peter Frampton project. Lindisfarne got the mood going then rain clouds threatened so they put Slade on. They kicked arse then the sharpies started punchin on in front of stage. Noddy settled it down. A bunch of the bovver boys jumped up on stage for one song. This footage is on net from GTK the ABC TV. A bit of rain as it got dark & people started leaving. Status Quo came on & Rick Parfitts 12 bar blues of “Juniors Wailing” got most people back, rain stopped & QUO kinda stole the show ending with Roadhouse Blues & ByeBye Johnny as encore. I have amateur pics of Slade that I will get to post later.

  19. Martin West says:

    That was my first concert. Hamilton Racecourse NZ. I lived 30 miles away and hitch hiked there, a fantastic day

  20. Steve says:

    My first concert too. 15 years old and still rememember cheese cloth tops as well!

  21. How good was that concert”… many memories of Slade, Elton John, Lindasfarne, etc…remember joints being passed across rows constantly. You could not do it now. Those days were so good, so free and innocent. Pity our kids can’t enjoy that …..

  22. Tony_M_1956 says:

    Melbourne 1973. I was so looking forward to seeing Slade at the “Showgrounds.” The Showgrounds was then used for Horse Trotting races and had a border of crushed shell grit. It rained and rained on the day of the concert, and I was wearing a heavy fireman’s coat which soaked up the rain and weighed a ton. The concert was held during the day, which unlike a night concert, looked flat, but the music was fine. Status Quo was quite a highlight as well. The early seventies were a riot, with the smell of lit joints in the air. Every one was happy. Those were the days.

  23. Michele says:

    My first concert as well I was 12 went with my friend and her big sister who was supposed to look after us!!! So cool best concert ever till this day! Bottles of brandy, joints etc but all was cool no drama best ever wish it was like it today

  24. John says:

    My second concert my first was Led Zeppelin at Subiaco oval a year earlier..Both brilliant.

  25. John says:

    This was my second concert my first was Led Zeppelin at Subiaco oval a year earlier..Both brilliant.

  26. Jennifer Jones says:

    I remember that it rained for hours and my cheesecloth top was drenched!
    Loved Slade and Status Quo.
    I also remember arriving home very late, bedraggled and wet, but happy!

  27. Knackers says:

    I was there, cannot remember the rain, remember the bovver boys with their haircuts (my girlfriend had a disagreement with one of their girls at the ladies toilet, my girlfriend sorted her out!), Slade were ok as were Status Quo, but Lindisfarne had the place jumping, everyone was dancing, took their minds off fighting.

  28. anton jones says:

    Such a great concert … it started quietly with lindisfarne … then blew up with status quo ( are you ready dave… ) and noddy holder ( could not take my eyes off the boots) … sat on someone’s shoulders … epic memories … less than dix months later status quo were the headliners.

  29. Debbie says:

    My first concert. Melbourne showgrounds 1973. I was only 16 but remember it like it was yesterday. Singing, screaming and dancing in the rain. Great memories

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