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The FIFA Fan Fest in Sydney

Fanfest Darling Harbour

While 32 nations played in the 2010 FIFA World Cup, Sydney was one of only six cities around the world to host an International FIFA Fan Fest. More than 500,000 people visited the Cockle Bay and Tumbalong Park sites, at Darling Harbour, where all 64 matches were broadcast live on four large screens.

JPS provided sound reinforcement and crew for the 31 day event.

Dates June 11, 2010 – July 12, 2010
Sydney Darling Harbour
JPS Crew
Dean Mizzi, Matt Debien, Tristian Johnson, Adam Williams, Shane Oldham, Tim Seconi, Raoul Plimer
Speaker System JBL VerTec
18 x JBL VerTec 4889 Enclosures
16 x JPS 18″ Subwoofers
16 x Crown MA5002VZ
FOH Drive System
1 x Dolby Lake DLP 4D12 Mesa
1 x Motion 1200 Wireless Tablet
4 x BSS FDS-366 Omni Drives
1 x BSS FCS-960 EQ
4 x BSS FCS-926 Omni Drives
FOH Control
1 x Soundcraft Vi6
1 x Yamaha M7CL 48 Ch Digital Console
1 x Tascam CD-RW901SL
2 x Denon DCD-695 CD Players
Radio Mics
9 x Shure UR4D Dual Receivers
12 x ShureUR2 Hand Held Transmitters c/w Beta 58 capsules
Monitor System
12 x Clair Bros 12AM Monitor Speakers
4 x Clair Bros R4 MkIII Side Fill Cabinets
1 x Clair ML18 Subwoofer
12 x Crown MA3600VZ Amplifiers
4 x Crown MA9001 Amplifiers
8 x Lake Clair iO’s
6 x Sennheiser G2 IEM systems
2 x Shure PSM 600 systems
1 x Yamaha PM5D-RH Digital Console

Fleetwood Mac 2009

One of the most celebrated and influential rock groups of all time, Fleetwood Mac, brought their ‘Unleashed’ tour to Australia in late 2009.

Fleetwood Mac played December 1 and 2 at Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne December 5 at Hope Estate Winery, NSW, December 7 and 8 at Acer Arena in Sydney, December 11 and 12 at Members Equity Stadium, Perth and December 15 at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre.

Dates November 28, 2009 – 20 December, 2009
Audio Crew Paul Schofield
Duncan Kaye
Speaker System L-Acoustics
36 x V-Dosc Element
18 x DV-Dosc Element
16 x ARCS Cabinet
24 x SB218 Sublow Cabinet
54 x Crown MA5002VZ
1 x V-Dosc Drive Rack FH1 (Dolby)
4 x Dolby Lake DLP4D12 Processor
1 x BSS FCS-960 Stereo EQ
1 x Motion 1200 wireless tablet
FOH Control System (Support Act)
1 x Midas Verona 400 32+8st
1 x Midas EZY tilt desk stand
6 x BSS DPR 402 (2 Ch Comp.)
1 x Summit TLA 100A Tube Comp
2 x Drawmer DS201 (2 Ch Gate)
1 x Lexicon PCM90 Reverb
1 x TC Electronics D-Two Delay
2 x Yamaha SPX990 Multi-FX
1 x Marantz PMD321 CD Player
Monitor Control System
1 x Midas Siena 400 40ch
10 x Clair 12AM Monitor Speaker
5 x Lake Clair iO Controller
8 x Crown MA3600VZ
1 x Clair ML 18 Sub Bass
1 x Crown MA9000i Amplifier
8 x Urei 5547A 1/3 Octave
Wireless Microphones
2 x Shure UR4D-Q5 Dual Receiver
4 x Shure UR1-Q5 Beltpack TX

Pink’s record breaking ‘Funhouse’ tour

Pink - Funhouse Tour 2009
Photo – Talitha Conway

After more than three months criss-crossing Australia, American pop superstar Pink wrapped her record-breaking tour with a final sell out concert at Sydney’s Acer Arena. It was the 58th and final performance of her phenomenal Funhouse national tour. In total, Pink performed before more than 660,000 concert-goers — 150,000 of those in Sydney alone.

JPS supplied equipment and additional crew for Pink’s Australian concerts — twelve in Sydney, seventeen in Melbourne, six in Adelaide, four in Newcastle, two in Wollongong and Canberra, eleven in Brisbane and four in Perth.

Dates May 22, 2009 – August 29, 2009
JPS Crew Nick Giameos Simon Farrell
Speaker System Clair Bros Audio
  44 x Clair Bros i5 Cabinets
  28 x Clair Bros i5b Cabinets
  16 x JPS JBL 18″ Sub Bass
  8 x Clair Bros R4 MkIII Cabinets
  4 x P2 Cabinets
  8 x JBL Vertec 4888 Cabinets
FOH Drive System  
  12 x Lake Clair iO’s
  1 x Motion 1200 Wireless Tablet
  1 x BSS 366 Omni Drive
Control systems  
F.O.H. 1 x Digi-design D-Show Venue
  2 x Digi-Design D-Show Venue side cars
  1 x Clair Lake iO controller
  2 x Tascam CD-RW901SL Cd Recorders
  1 x Sony CDP-11 CD Player
Wireless Microphones  
  1 x Shure UR4D-Q5 Duel Receiver
  2 x UR2-Q5 Handheld Mics c/w KSM9 capsules
Monitor Speaker System Clair Bros Audio
  4 x Clair Bros i5 Cabinets
  28 x Clair Bros 12AM wedges
  4 x Clair Bros ML18
  3 x 4 Mix Amp Racks
  12 x Crown MA3600VZ Amplifiers
Wireless in ear monitors  
  3 x Shure P6HW In Ear Monitor Systems
  14 x Sennheiser EW-300 G2 In Ear Monitor Systems c/w 28 Receivers
Monitor Control System  
  1 x Yamaha PM1D (Supplied by Audio Rent)
Rigging Equipment  
  8 x Lodestar 2T Chain Hoists
  14 x Lodestar 1T Chain Hoists

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